Brews By Mannheim

Mannheim Brews is a collaboration between a network of brewers based in Germany, and a few beer lovers in India. Driven by a simple philosophy of “No Crap On Tap”, Mannheim Brews aims to bring to Bangalore and eventually the rest of India, world class craft beers brewed by brewers who have honed their art by working in some of the best breweries across the world.

Our Beers

Our Beers


A popular German light beer. Sweet and tart mix of finest German Lager and citrus lemonade. Light in alcohol and refreshingly tasty.

Color : Dark golden | Flavor : Sweet, Lemon, lime | Abv : 3%


Unfiltered wheat beer in the German style. Malty sweet and balanced, with moderate banana clove flavor and strong aroma. Low bitterness and slightly spicy.

Color : Rich Orange-Gold | Flavor : Banana, Clove | Abv : 5.2%


American IPA with intense fruit flavours and aromas. Pronounced hop aroma that resembles ripe, tropical and stone fruits without the bitter taste. It's aroma is accompanied by a sweet malt body.

Color : Golden with some haze | Flavor : Fruity, low bitterness | Abv : 5.8%


Classic German Lager. easy drinking with mild grainy sweetness. Light, crisp and refreshing. Medium to low hop bitterness. Clear and clean balanced flavor, delicate nose, soft finish.

Color : Light Gold | Flavor : Mildly grainy, medium low-hop bitterness | Abv : 5.1%

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